The South Korean foreign Ministry protested to Japan over Dokdo

The South Korean foreign Ministry expressed protest in connection with the claim of Japan on the disputed Islands of Dokdo (Japanese name – takesima), and also summoned the Japanese Ambassador to make his presentation.

Annual report of the Ministry of defense of Japan, White Book on defence on Tuesday was presented to the Japanese government. The report once again the question of the disputed Islands is described as "outstanding".

"We strongly protest against the repetition of Japan in the White paper of defence of unjust territorial claims over Dokdo, which is clearly our inherent territory historically, geographically and under international law, and call for the immediate rejection of these claims. Japan must understand that the repetition of the unfair and absurd claims about Dokdo does not contribute to the bilateral relations between South Korea and Japan. Our government once again clarifies that the claims of the Japanese government can not affect the sovereignty of South Korea over Dokdo, our original territory, and that we will firmly resist any provocation on the Islands," reads the MFA statement.

As reported by Yonhap news Agency, the Director of the Department of Asia and the Pacific, Kim Jong-Han on Tuesday morning called on the senior Minister-Counsellor of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul Hirohisa Soma, to Express regret and to urge Tokyo to revoke their claims.

A group of Islands of Dokdo (Japanese name Takeshima) located between Japan and South Korea in the sea of Japan. After the Second world war, these Islands became a Korean. Japan calls "illegal occupation" and considers the island part of its territory and administrative includes them in the Shimane Prefecture. The island is also known as rocks the Fizz. Japan offers Korea to bring the issue about the Islands before the International court of justice. South Korea believes that the dispute around Dokdo not because they are Korean territory historically, geographically and legally.