Japanese space probe will bring a capsule with the asteroid 6 Dec

Japanese space probe "Hayabusa-2" will bring to Earth a capsule with soil samples of an asteroid Ryugu 6 December this year, said in a joint statement, the Japanese space Agency Ahai Australian space Agency ASA.

The capsule will be dropped on December 6 in the Australian desert.

Space probe "Hayabusa-2" twice successfully landed on the asteroid surface for sampling of soil and dust. For this purpose, in particular, was the world's first man-made crater on the asteroid's surface that were allowed to take dust and soil lying beneath the surface of the cosmic body. For this probe "Hayabusa-2" a an explosive device shot into the surface of the asteroid projectile the Ryuga and create an artificial crater. Scientists believe that the rock samples obtained from the bowels of the asteroid, mostly preserving the properties of matter since the emergence of the Solar system, will enable mankind to get closer to unraveling the Solar system formation and the emergence of life. Also in March last year, scientists found out that Ryuga is hydrous minerals with elements of oxygen and hydrogen that also became a milestone in the history of human exploration of outer space.

After the probe will approach the Earth and drop a capsule, it may be sent on a new assignment to another cosmic body.

Space probe "Hayabusa-2" was launched to the asteroid Ryugu in 2014. Ryugu removed from the Earth for 340 million kilometers. Its diameter is about 900 meters. Scientists believe that discovered in the soil of Ryugu elements will help to uncover the mystery of the origin on Earth of water and organic elements.