Japan stressed the strengthening of military cooperation of Russia and China

The growth of military cooperation between Russia and China highlighted in the annual report of the Ministry of defense of Japan White paper of defence, placed at the disposal of RIA Novosti.

The strengthening of military cooperation China and Russia are highlighted in a separate Chapter. There were joint flights of Russian Tu-95 and Chinese N-6 from the Japanese sea to the East China sea in July last year, the signing of joint documents.

In the White paper there is a General analysis of the state of Russian-Chinese relations in the defense sector. It is also noted the adoption of a joint statement following the meeting between the two leaders in June last year.

The Ministry of defence notes and the increased military presence of Russia from the Arctic to the Middle and Far East. The White paper traditionally focuses on the increased activity in the Far East and near the "Northern territories" as in Japan name four Islands of the Kuril ridge. Observed military exercises in October in Sakhalin and in Primorye, with the participation of 8 thousand people, accommodation in the far East, su-34, as well as flights of the Tu-95 and A-50 in June and July of last year, a survey of the territory of Japan and the flight over the Takeshima (Korean name Dokdo), which allegedly had violated the airspace of Japan.

On Tuesday, the White book of defence for 2020 was submitted to the government.