On Svalbard, earned Russia's first testing ground for the study of permafrost

The first testing ground for the study of permafrost, and test technologies that can be used in the development of the Arctic, earned on Svalbard, told RIA Novosti the head of Hydromet Igor Shumakov.

As said the head of Roshydromet, at the site of a thermometric wells, site monitoring of seasonal thawing layer, the wells for monitoring the underflow of taliks, meteorological complex. On the bottom of the fjord installed braid a length of 150 meters with temperature sensors and resistance for monitoring the formation of seasonal sea ice.

Scientists have also developed a set of geophysical methods to study such interesting phenomena are observed, as hidroelectrica.

He said that permafrost site on Svalbard is the place of technologies of development of the permafrost zone (zone of frozen soil) that will be needed in Russia.