Producer of "Tender may" revealed the secret of your weight loss

Producer of "Tender may" Andrey Razin has revealed the "secret" of losing weight at 43 kgs. Relevant post he posted on his Instagram.

"I went to the herring instead of meat. Salted cucumber, onion, dill... And I lost a lot of weight. Continue her diet a little, so as not to shock your body. Already weigh 107 pounds, compared to 150," wrote Razin.

According to the producer, the diet that he advised the doctors who treated these "serious people", as Alla Pugacheva, "very good".

"She's sparing effect on the body. I feel just fine," he added.

Dietitian Elena Solomatina, commenting in an interview with "Evening Moscow" diet Razin noted that the substitution of meat for fish in the diet does not matter. According to her, people can replace some other products, the main is to meet the deficit calorie and eat foods with approximately equal glycemic index.

"Either this is a joke on his part, either based on sensation. This is a mini-joke, because nothing fundamentally new in this diet there is no," said the nutritionist.