SP Rosstat pointed to the flaws in calculating the share of tech companies

The chamber has pointed out the shortcomings of the methodology of Rosstat for calculating the share of technology-based enterprises in Russia, which is necessary for implementation of the may decree of President Vladimir Putin, Rosstat promised to fix them, according to a press release from the controlling Agency.

According to the decree, the share of those technological innovations of companies by 2024 must be 50%. "However, the current approach of calculating the indicator according to the specific weight that applies Rosstat does not allow to evaluate the real share of high - tech enterprises", - stated in the message.

Rosstat began to apply in December 2019 new method of calculation, according to which the share of innovative companies in 2017 after conversion increased from 7.5% to 20.8% in 2018 amounted to 19.8%. The reason for this growth – the change in the calculation formula: introduced ambiguous, according to SP, the selection criteria of the organizations that are excluded from the calculation, nearly 40% of the surveyed organizations. Also noted the extremely low coverage of organizations - 50 thousand, while the FTS register at the end of 2017 were 284 thousands of companies.

In General, Rosstat with the findings of the SP agreed. "Report on the results of expert-analytical activity allowed us to see our shortcomings in the methodology that we will eliminate" - said the Deputy head of the service Irina Shapoval.

Taking into account the identified shortcomings of the regulatory SP offers to settle rules for forming a sample of organizations and to determine its threshold values, to develop automated systems for processing and storing information, as well as to make changes in the methodology of calculating the indicator "the share of organizations implementing technological innovation in the total number of the surveyed organizations."

The chamber intends to continue monitoring this topic. "We on this report will not stop. Now we saw some of the subtleties of measure used in this national goal. But not in the figure only the case. Most of the technological innovation policy as such is not to the end. And we'll have this puzzled, yet a number of surveys that would help the government and the President to clearly articulate what is the problem", - concluded the head of the joint venture Alexei Kudrin.