In the United States are investigating the arrest of an African American by analogy with Floyd

The police of the city of Allentown, Pennsylvania began an internal investigation in connection with the actions of the police during the arrest of an African-American, reports channel ABC.

About incident it became known on Saturday, when a video of the detention issued by the local branch of the organization Black Lives Matter. The footage shows three police pressed to the ground, African-American males, whose hands are shackled behind her back with handcuffs. One of the guards first hand, and then knee presses the head and neck of men to the ground. He yells. In this way at the end of may in Minneapolis was strangled by another black American George Floyd, whose death led to mass protests across the country.

According to ABC, on completion of investigation, the materials will be transferred to the local Prosecutor. It is expected that this will be done during the week.

It is known that the detained African American had a conflict with the hospital staff, who called the police. The man resisted, shouted and spat at guards.