The Ministry explained the procedure for the payment of overtime on remote

Interaction with the employer after hours on remote pay as overtime work and compensation of electricity costs for these employees will be settled in accordance with the acts of organizations and employment contracts, told RIA Novosti in the Ministry of labor.

State Duma deputies and Federation Council members in June, has developed draft amendments to the Labour code of the Russian Federation regarding the regulation of remote and remote work. As noted in the bill, while working remotely in local regulations may provide for the procedure for compensation of expenses in connection with the use of personal equipment and software and hardware. In particular, this can be payment of electricity consumed.

The Ministry noted that they support the proposed amendments to the Labour code and recalled that actively participated in the drafting of the bill. However, noted in the Ministry of labor, it should be noted that the document is on consideration in the first reading in the state Duma. It discusses the concept of the bill, its relevance and practical significance.

Under the proposed amendments, the compensation cost of electricity in the remote mode, and use of personal equipment be decided in accordance with local regulations organizations and labor contracts, said the Ministry.

"As for the order of interaction of the employer with the employee, the proposed amendments reinforce the integrity of the rest time. It is assumed that for remote workers, as well as for working in the office, will set the work schedule. Interaction in the time period of stay of the employee with the employer shall be allowed with the prior written consent of the employee reflected in the employment agreement, paid in the manner prescribed for the payment of overtime in accordance with article 152 of the Labour code", - stated in the message.