The result of Belarus told about the "black hand" Belgazprombank

Belarusian state TV channel ONT showed the plot of the new episode in the "Belgazprombank", in which arrested the applicant for the post of President of the Republic Victor Babariko, the story States that the Bank has "black cashier", who was running for the leadership of a foreign currency transaction at a special rate and a "fraud bond".

"The second of April 2020 at a meeting of the Board at the direction of the Chairman of the Board of Babariko was taken the decision on payment of remuneration to the executives of the Bank. The total amount of such compensation amounted to about 5 million (the Belarusian – ed.) rubles. On the day of listing of these awards, namely, 4 APR, closed to service other clients of the Bank head office the box office from 11.00 to 12.35 were artificially reduced rate operations in foreign currency, including if you are using Bank plastic cards", - said in the report, the first head of the Department of financial investigations of the state control Committee (SCC FID) of the country Yuri Mekheda.

According to him, "in this period of time received the cash executives of the Bank purchased at a reduced rate of foreign currency in excess of a million dollars." In the story it was noted that the fact of understating of the course will be given a legal assessment.

In addition, the TV channel said that the cashier was carried out of bonds that are also episode "the case of Belgazprombank".

"It is established that at the direction of Babariko in the Bank functioned the so-called "black cash"... One of the schemes was to exchange currency for Bank bonds. "Dirty" money that Babariko and top managers of the Bank received by a criminal way, it was necessary to legalize. For this purpose, for this money they purchased the bonds BGB bearer. These financial transactions allowed the illegal income of the Bank's management to make clear," - said the Deputy head of the first Directorate of the FID SCC Dmitry Diaghilev.

The TV station explains that the bond transaction is divided into smaller amounts, to see information about them in automatic mode, did not get state financial monitoring.

"A similar method was carried out and the redemption of bonds and payment of income thereon: transactions are also crushed into small... not to get into the field of view of the financial monitoring Department of the state control Committee. Was in charge of the scheme Deputy Babariko (Sergei) Dobrolet, who oversees the retail business, and after his retirement in 2016 - Deputy Chairman of the Board (Cyril) tubs and assistant adviser Babariko (Elena), Karagach," said Diaghilev.

He added that "from 2010 to 2019 under the scheme carried out frauds with bonds totaling more than $ 20 million".

In the plot were shown footage of the interrogation of the former Bank tellers and other ex-employees who stated that he acted on behalf of the leadership, including in the interests of Babariko. The channel also claims that with the help of this same Fund manipulated gold bars and spent a exchange of the big Euro banknotes.

"In the Bank for the currency bought ingots of precious metals, which are immediately sold to the Bank for Belarusian roubles. All the transactions were fictitious, none of the buyers of gold bullion not received", - said the representative of the FID.

In June at the head office of Belgazprombank were searched. The state control Committee of the Republic said that the Bank acted organized criminal group, the conclusion of money abroad. Babariko and his son Eduard, who heads the campaign headquarters of his father, was arrested on 18 June. Total detained more than 20 people, including top managers of the Bank. The investigation of the case entrusted to the KGB, prompt assistance carries out the FID of the SCC. Babariko Sr. is accused of tax evasion, which caused damage in especially large size, legalization of proceeds of crime, bribery.

Earlier, the representative of KGB of Belarus Konstantin Bychek said the state TV channel ONT that there was irrefutable evidence of the involvement of all the defendants in this case to the alleged crimes. According to Bacheca, the Bank's management, including Babariko the entrepreneurs were made a condition for favourable decisions about a favorable financing their companies they had to provide part of the profits in the form of "rollback". Then the money derived abroad to the account "firms-wallets" and using plastic payment cards cashed.

Protection Babariko submitted a complaint to the Prosecutor General of the Republic for a story about "the case "Belgazprombank", stating that it is "one-sided and biased" and "a gross violation of the fundamental principle of the criminal process - the presumption of innocence". Lawyer Dmitry Laevsky called absurd the statements made in the story of the accusations against his client.