The plane is forced to sit in Petrozavodsk due to smoke passenger

The plane Murmansk-Moscow airline "Victory" forced to sit in Petrozavodsk from behind twice to smoke the passenger, reported RIA Novosti a source in the airline and the representative of loukoster.

"Right now the plane is "Victory" flying from Murmansk to Moscow, makes emergency landing in Petrozavodsk because of rowdy on Board and threats to the safety of the flight was his fault. Woman intentionally violated a safety rule twice and lit a cigarette, despite the ban," - said the source RIA Novosti in "Victory".

The source added that tripped the smoke detector, the commander decided on an emergency landing to ensure no fire hazard. Offender expect police officers in Petrozavodsk.

The official representative of the airline confirmed the emergency landing due to security threats because of Smoking and assured that the company regrets the waiting and the inconvenience to their customers due to the delay of arrival in Moscow, but "security is more important than any inconvenience". A company representative also said that all displaced costs "Victory" I will punish the brawler.