Ukraine wanted to put "end" in negotiations with Russia in the Donbass

. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine commented on the requirement of Russia to intensify the implementation of the Minsk agreements. He reported about it in interview to the edition "Today".

In early July, German media reported that Moscow demands from Kiev until July 6 to submit the draft amendments to the Ukrainian Constitution in Minsk contact group and to accelerate the implementation of "formula Steinmeier" at the Donbass. As stated by the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, Russia did not put any ultimatums to the Ukrainian side, but Kiev had a long time to fulfill earlier commitments on the settlement in Donbass.

Kuleba confirmed that there was no ultimatum, but to fulfill "Minsk-2" refused.

"When Russia is not satisfied with the provisions of any law of Ukraine the bill of Ukraine, it is Russia's problem, not Ukraine. We are an independent country and will make the laws that we see fit," he said.

The Minister added that Kiev is "respect" taken on international commitments, but no one will "specify" Ukraine.

He said that the implementation of the Minsk agreements must begin with a cease-fire in the Donbass, and called on Russia to take "constructive and responsible attitude" in this matter.

"Point. And to put the Minsk agreements on the head and start to demand some political reforms and transformations in Ukraine, before performing all other points is literally shifting the responsibility from a sick head on healthy" — said the Minister.

Kuleba added that the reference to "certain regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions" in the Ukrainian Constitution, written in the "Minsk-2" is unacceptable for Kiev.

Earlier the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky threatened to abandon peace talks on the Donbas, as well as of the Minsk agreements. In addition, he insisted on the need to revise the terms of the agreements. On the "Normandy summit" in Paris Zelensky demanded the transfer of the Ukrainian military control over the border with Russia to the holding of elections in the Donbass. Vladimir Putin, in response, recalled that the Minsk agreements provide for the first elections, and then the decision on the border. He noted that the rewrite is impossible, as all the items are linked and you can lose everything.

In June, the Deputy head of the Ukrainian delegation in the contact group Alexander Merezhko said that the package of measures specified in the Minsk agreements allegedly is a recommendation. Russia stressed that such statements destroy the negotiation process and lead to "freezing" of the conflict.