In new York for the first time in recent months, no one has died from COVID-19

In new York, which was the center of an epidemic of coronavirus in the United States for the first time in recent months, one per day died from the disease, said at a press conference, mayor bill de Blasio.

In the worst days in the state of new York for the day from the coronavirus has killed more than 700 people, more than 3 million came to the hospital. In total, the city of new York from the coronavirus, according to date, died 18 708 people. 4 615 people probably died from this disease.

"The fact that for the first time in months we have a 24 hours no one in the town died from the coronavirus, is striking. This again speaks to how the city is struggling as people do not surrender," said de Blasio. According to him, it gives hope, but "early to do a victory lap" because a lot remains. "This disease is far from defeated," said de Blasio.

The Governor of the state of new York Andrew Cuomo at a press conference said that the number of hospitalized is now the lowest since March 18 in hospitals are 792 persons per day on July 12 from the coronavirus in the state died 10 people.

He noted that the problem of the state today that the infection gets into it from other States. Cuomo recalled the time in new York came from Georgia infected and infected locals. Only in the state died 24 989.

According to the Johns Hopkins University, for all time in the US revealed 3 304 942 cases of infection with coronavirus, had died more than 135 thousand people, recovered more than a million infected.

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