Moscow authorities gave recommendations for the excursions

Excursions in Moscow will be held in compliance with all requirements of sanitary safety: need to wear masks, gloves, to keep social distance, and organizers of tour programs necessary to ensure the occupancy of the premises not more than 50%, told RIA Novosti press-service of the Moscow Committee for tourism.

Earlier Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin signed a decree according to which from July 13, the city may conduct tours as outdoors and in buildings, structures and constructions (or premises therein) without the use of seats in auditoriums for visitors.

"During tours, you must comply with the requirements aimed at preventing the spread of the new coronavirus infection, use personal respiratory protection (masks, respirators) and hands (gloves), to observe social distance (half a meter) and the organizers of the tour programme to ensure the occupancy of the premises not more than 50%," - said in Mosturizm.

The Ministry said that security of residents and guests of the city - one of the basic principles of Moscow hospitality. For all elements of the tourist infrastructure implemented sanitation requirements and quality standards taking into account the risks of the spread of coronavirus infection.

"The measures that are currently implementing the capital objects of tourist display, allow the visitors and guests high quality services, with full and mandatory compliance standards and epidemiological safety", - noted in Committee.

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