In Lebanon, imposed penalties for violation of quarantine of COVID-19

The governmental Commission for the fight against coronavirus in Lebanon has imposed penalties for violation of quarantine of COVID-19 and being in public places without their masks, the tightening measures adopted against the background of sharp growth of cases, told journalists the Minister of health of Lebanon Hamed Hassan after the meeting on Monday.

"The Commission adopted a set of decisions and ordered to take necessary measures, including the imposition of fines for the violation (quarantine)," said Hassan.

According to the Minister, for the breach of quarantine, epidemiological and exposure to others at risk of Contracting the penalty will range from 600 thousand (400$) up to five million Lebanese pounds. Fifty thousand Lebanese pounds will have to pay for being without a mask in public and private institutions and other places of a mass congestion of people.

The owners of cafes and restaurants required to comply with guidelines for social distance between visitors. For foreign workers the government will now provide a place for isolation, if necessary.

Speaking of the airport, the Minister said that the re-closing of the air Harbor was not discussed at the meeting. "The airport will not be closed, life goes on... Work will continue when loading of 10%," he added.

On Sunday, the Ministry of health has reported a total of 166 new cases of infection with coronavirus in Lebanon for the day. This was a record number of people infected per day since the beginning of the pandemic. The total number of cases of coronavirus in the country has reached 2419.

The incidence of virus per day in Lebanon began to grow from the beginning of July. In may and June the number of new cases ranged from 5 to 15. On Thursday, Lebanese media reported on record for the entire period of the pandemic 173 cases per day.

Today in Lebanon, lifted almost all restrictions related to the fight against the spread of coronavirus. From 1 July, after three and a half month break partly resumed the work of the international airport Rafic Hariri in Beirut. Remain closed land and sea borders of the country.

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