In the Bryansk region has eased a number of restrictions on coronavirus

Parks, libraries, amusement parks, sanatoriums and children's camps are opened in the Bryansk region Monday in connection with the improvement of the epidemiological situation of coronavirus infection, according to the government of the region.

"A number of restrictive measures are removed in the Bryansk region from July 13, according to the decision of the operational headquarters. Parks of culture and rest, physical culture and sports organizations, museums and museums-estates, zoos, libraries, amusement parks, sports facilities opened in the Bryansk region in strict compliance with the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor", - stated in the message.

Appropriate changes made to the July 13 resolution of the government of the Bryansk region. To mitigate the restrictions imposed to prevent the spread of a new coronavirus infection COVID-19, allowed the assessment of the current health situation. It is noted that the average daily rate of growth of cases of coronavirus infection in two weeks decreased 0.7%. Recorded a significant reduction in the number of identified community-acquired pneumonia, the reduction in incidence observed over the past six weeks.

In addition, in the Bryansk region resumed the booking of places in boarding houses, rest houses, sanatorium-resort organizations, health and leisure children's camps year-round.

In strict compliance with the recommendations of the CPS will earn beauty salons, beauty, SPA-salons, massage salons, solariums, baths and saunas. Earn fitness centers and other sports facilities, provided not more than 50 % of the load from one-time bandwidth sports facilities.

Also, according to the government, abolished the regime of isolation for citizens aged 65 and older. According to the decision of the operational headquarters charged an additional restrictive measures in the city Seltso.

According oberstab on Monday, in the Bryansk region from the beginning of the pandemic was 6817 cases of infection with coronavirus infection. Currently, 5131 recovered, 35 people died.

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