In Yakutia, a herd of cows were electrocuted during a thunderstorm

A herd of cows got electrocuted due to breakage of electric wires during a thunderstorm in the Nyurba district of Yakutia, the press service of the Ministry of agriculture of the Republic.

As noted in the Department, 23 Jun electric shock killed five cows. Energy Tatta RES will be fully compensated material damage to the owners.

A similar incident occurred in another area of the country.

"In the village Dikimdya Nyurba ulus in the night of July 13 as a result of breakage of electricity cables killed 11 head of cattle a private owner. According to the head of the Department of agriculture in the Nyurba ulus Ivan Yegorov, the breakage occurred at 4: 30 in the morning during a severe thunderstorm. Outdated wiring could not withstand the barrage and fell to the ground, where there were cows. At the moment the issue of damages by co-financing from the funds of the administration and Mirny RES", - informs a press-service.

The Ministry said that the problem of breakage of the power grid is becoming more relevant in the summer.

According to the Department of Hydrometeorology of the Republic in the end of the week in the region last rainy weather with occasional showers and thunderstorms.

Previously the scientific Director of hydrometeorological centre Roman Vilfand has told RIA Novosti that the temperature anomalies in the Urals and in the North of Krasnoyarsk region and Yakutia will exceed climatic norm by eight degrees in the coming days.