The government supported the project on the regulation of remote work

Government Commission on legislative activities endorsed the project on regulatory aspects of remote work, but pointed to a number of points that need further improvement, follows from the draft opinion, at the disposal of RIA Novosti.

In June, the Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin, the speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko, as well as a group of deputies and senators introduced in the lower house of the Parliament bill on the regulation of remote work.

Proposal it is proposed to concentrate under Chapter 49.1 "peculiarities of regulation of labor of remote employees," calling it a "features of regulation of distance and time remote work". The document notes that the project of the concept of "interaction time" and "the inviolability of the rest time" needed further refinement, subject to the provisions of the Code on working time and rest time.

In addition, the lawyers of the Cabinet of Ministers consider it necessary to provide for the consequences of the refusal of the employee from the remote format of work and to establish the means of obtaining his consent under simplified procedure the introduction of such a regime and the possibility of realization of the right to use personal equipment, software and technical means of protection of information, provided that such right is provided in the employment contract on remote work.

How do I add a document in the bill, it is expedient to more fully resolve the features of the combination of remote operation, providing the possibility of concluding a labor contract with an alternating format work something remotely stationary.

"The government of the Russian Federation supports the bill subject to the comments", - stated in the document.

The initiative proposes to introduce three key concepts. The first remote (remote) operation, the second temporary remote (remote) operation: this mode of operation provides for temporary implementation of the labour functions of an employee working under an employment contract, outside the stationary working place, under the control of the employer, the third - combined remote (remote) work: full employment in the workplace and distance (remote) work.