Tunisia wants to conclude an agreement on cooperation with IMF

The Tunisian authorities intend to resume shortly negotiations with the International monetary Fund, to within four months to conclude an agreement on cooperation, said the country's Finance Minister Nizar Yaich in an interview with radio station Mosaique FM on Monday.

"In the coming days will begin a new round of negotiations with the IMF," - said the Minister. According to him, the government has prepared a platform of 10 points, the main of them boil down to a requirement to pay particular attention to the negotiations on cooperation of economic and social Affairs, while in previous rounds of the IMF was more interested to discuss Finance and the budget deficit.

Currently Tunisia and the IMF are in talks on the implementation of the government program for 4 years and is based primarily on the support of social and economic spheres, said IAIS. If the IMF will support this program, the agreement between the parties may be signed "at the latest within four months," he said, stressing that the government "does not intend to recede from his vision of the foundations of a new partnership with the IMF." "We are confident in achieving a rational agreement between the government and IMF, as between the parties there is a high degree of confidence," said Yaich.

The IMF in April said that the Tunisian economy faces severe recession since independence in 1956.

In June, Prime Minister of the country Ilyas Fakhfakh warned that the forecast of the authorities, the country's economy will fall by an unprecedented almost 7% as a result of the pandemic coronavirus. The Prime Minister said that state debt has reached "frightening" scale and amount to 92 billion dinars ($32 billion), which is approximately equal to 84% of the domestic national product of Tunisia. Due to the negative growth of the economy, the state budget will lose nearly five billion dinars (more than $ 1.7 billion). Fakhfakh noted that most government organizations is facing bankruptcy.

Earlier Tunisian authorities in the letter to the International monetary Fund stated that due to pandemic and coronavirus closures expected losses in the amount of $ 1.4 billion in the tourism sector. On the tenth of April, the IMF announced the allocation of Tunisia 745 million dollars in aid to combat the effects of coronavirus.