The Prosecutor from the team of Muller Wiseman will release the book in late September

Former Prosecutor Andrew Weissman, who worked in the team of "Russian investigation," Robert Mueller, will release in late September, a book about the investigation, said Random House.

"This is the story of our investigation of how our democracy attacked Russia, and how those who have encouraged and ignored the attack, undermine our ability to find the truth," said Weisman in this regard, stressing that he was proud of his work.

The book is called "where the law ends: the inside of the Mueller investigation". The book is scheduled for September 29.

Weisman has in the past been General counsel of the FBI when the Agency was headed by Mueller. He also worked as a Prosecutor in new York and engaged in criminal harassment of the local mafia. In the investigation of Mueller, appointed by the attorney General in 2017, he occupied one of the prominent positions.

Weisman after leaving the team, Mueller became a partner of the law firm Jenner