Experts assessed the situation with coronavirus in Tokyo

Despite the increase in the number of positive test results for coronavirus infection COVID-19 in Tokyo, the situation is different from what it was in March-April, namely, fixed low number of severe cases, said Monday the Japanese experts at a press conference in the foreign Ministry of Japan.

"There are an increasing number of cases due to the clustered distribution of infection, but in severe cases compared to APR less," - said the head of the government Chancellery facilitate actions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus Tomotika Uama.

According to him, from the beginning of June 70% of all new diagnosed cases of infection are young people 20-30 years. Basically, they are infected in the entertainment district bars and hostess clubs. As a rule, they have almost no symptoms, but the danger is that these young people can spread the coronavirus in other places and among relatives.

"We ask nightlife to establish precautionary measures and to carry out PCR tests on employees," said Oyama.

A prominent Japanese expert on Virology, Professor of Tohoku University Hitoshi Oshitani for its part noted that the tests do not always give reliable results.

"There is no test with 100% guarantee. There are as false negative results and false positive test results. For example, the first, second or third, and only the fourth day after infection, you may receive a positive result," said Oshitani.

However, according to him, the more intense the test is one of the strategies to prevent the spread of the virus.

He also confirmed that there is evidence that school-age children can transmit the coronavirus. "Most children do not develop symptoms," - said the expert, believing that the re-closure of schools is not yet feasible. However, the vibrant nightlife will be developed rules of prevention, and if they are not observed, then institutions can be closed.

Since April 8 because of coronavirus in Japan was introduced a state of emergency, first for the capital region of Tokyo and six other prefectures, and then for the whole country. Fully a state of emergency was cancelled in Japan, early may 25, and the Japanese government cautiously and gradually went towards the reconstruction of socio-economic activity in the country. However, in Tokyo for several consecutive days are recorded daily about 200 new cases COVID-19.

According to the channel NHK, summarizing the data of the local administrations in Japan on July 13 with the beginning of the year, there were almost 23 thousand of infections with coronavirus and 997 deaths of persons diagnosed with COVID-19.

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