"This step towards the end of the world". What will follow a US withdrawal from the start-3

As the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov, at the White house, apparently, finally decided not to renew the contract on reduction of strategic offensive arms SNV-3. This is the last document limiting the military power of the two nuclear powers. What threatens the world, the collapse of the international security system — in the material RIA Novosti.

In an interview with reporters, the foreign Minister stressed that to panic because of refusal to prolong start-3 not necessary — Russia is able to guarantee security even without him. However, this agreement was very important. Start-3 was signed by the presidents of Russia and the USA Dmitry Medvedev and Barack Obama on 8 April 2010. The document came into force in February 2011 and expires in 2021-m.

The contract stipulated the reduction of nuclear warheads in the arsenals of Russia and the US to 1,550, Intercontinental ballistic missiles, ballistic missile submarines and heavy bombers to 700 units. Start-3 was signed exactly one year after the expiration of start-1. And if in the first half tenths in its extension, there is little doubt that with the arrival of the White house Donald trump, the situation changed dramatically.

One of the main conditions of the continued existence of the start-3 us leader called the participation of China. The Director of the Department of arms control of Chinese foreign Ministry Fu Cong explained that this is only possible in two cases: if China are increasing their nuclear arsenals to the level of the United States or if Washington will reduce their. Other options for Beijing and unacceptable because does not take into account the enormous difference in strategic capabilities.

Another condition put forward by Washington, does not suit Moscow. In early July, the special representative of the President of the United States on arms control Marshal Billingsley called "terrible" project rocket "Thunderbird" and drones "Poseidon" and urged to close them, because they do not fall under the restrictions of the start-3. The Americans had previously insisted on limiting the latest Russian weapons, including non-nuclear hypersonic anti-ship missiles "Zircon".

"This only shows that the US has no leverage left to save the world leadership, with the exception of nuclear blackmail, explains RIA Novosti doctor of military Sciences Konstantin Sivkov. Economically they are already in some areas lagging behind China, and a number of military technologies (e.g., hypersonic) — from Russia. So they are trying to persuade us to abandon the advanced development. We must not fall for this trick.”

Sergey Lavrov stressed that Russia will not beg the United States to extend the contract. Although Moscow has always been ready to make certain concessions. The Minister said that he discussed with the Americans the possibility of limiting the number of two latest Russian strategic systems under start-3, when they are fully deployed. It's about hypersonic planning warheads, Avangard and heavy Intercontinental ballistic missiles "Sarmat".

"As for the other three systems (cruise missiles "Burevestnik", the underwater drone "Poseidon" hypersonic "Zircons". — Approx. ed.), they are new, they do not fit into the categories covered by the start-3 Treaty, — said Lavrov. But we are ready to start talking about that and weapons that are not classical, in terms of the current agreement, been the subject of debate."

However, it is unlikely that States will go on reciprocal concessions. Washington has repeatedly expressed uncompromising: "you irrevocably agree to our terms, or we get out of the contract". Obviously, neither Russia nor China are not going to agree with the claims of the Americans, without considering its own national interests. According to experts, the start-3 Treaty has little chance for renewal. This means that will completely change the whole international security system.

"If to speak about the system of international security in the military sphere, it is necessary to recognize that it is actually already there, — says the chief editor of the magazine "Arsenal Fatherland" Victor murakhovski. — This system is kept on the agreements between the USSR and the USA, and later Russia and the United States. Is the ABM Treaty, the INF Treaty, the universal ban on nuclear testing, the Americans have not ratified. The agreement on security and cooperation in Europe, and also part of it — the Treaty on conventional armed forces in Europe, which is also thanks to the US and died. The whole system, which was carefully lined up in acute conflict situations of the cold war, at the initiative of Washington's destroyed."

The expert stressed that, in addition to still operating the start-3, there was only an agreement on the regime of control over missile technologies. However, this document, the Americans are trying to push under. In June, Reuters reported, citing sources in the military-industrial complex and the country's leadership announced that the White house intends to revise the provisions of the agreement to sell armed drones to different countries. This is unlikely to suit the other parties to the agreement.

"It's unfortunate that now everything will have to be designed anew, — said murakhovski. — Our President has already initiated a meeting of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council to discuss this issue. Maybe go to the international agreement, if not about the restriction, at least on the nuclear arms control. But according to the policy and positions of Washington and London, the prospects of this initiative is minimal."

The expert emphasized that he does not consider a possible new "quantitative" arms race, when Russia and the USA will again increase the number of nuclear warheads and their delivery vehicles. However, the struggle for technological superiority in strategic arms promises to be hot.