The EU and North Africa discussed the fight against illegal migration

The interior Ministers of Italy, France, Germany, Malta and Spain, as well as the relevant European commissioners discussed with colleagues from Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco and Tunisia, "strengthening mutual commitments to prevent and combat the traffic of migrants", said the Italian Department.

A meeting convened by the Italian side, was held via videoconference from the North of Trieste.

"The participants underlined that the reduction of human suffering, the fight against exploitation of vulnerable populations and deaths at sea and on land remain their General moral duty and concern for all", - stated in the message.

The Ministers expressed their "clear commitment" coordinated suppression of the smuggling of migrants "in the framework of a comprehensive and balanced approach to migration management". Noted support law enforcement and border agencies involved in rescue at sea and on land and dismantle criminal organizations trafficking in migrants.

The participants pledged to continue the dialogue with African partners to identify future areas of cooperation in the fight against trafficking in migrants.

They also agreed to promote closer cooperation between the African Union mechanism for police cooperation and an Afripol EU agencies, including the border Agency Frontex and Europol.

European and African Ministers agreed on the need to strengthen cooperation between law enforcement agencies through training projects for police officers, operational capacities to combat the network of traffickers and transnational crime.

"The current practice in this area has yielded positive results," - said in a communiqué.

The interior Minister of Italy Luciana Lamorgese as the hostess of the event, stressed that Italy was the first to lead to a discussion of a number of Ministers of the Mediterranean countries and their counterparts from North Africa.

"We will use all available instruments, including bilateral cooperation, to identify and prosecute criminal networks who exploit the most vulnerable," - said Lamorgese.