Russian special representative assessed the situation in the Donbass

Ukrainian authorities to create a semblance of "focusing on achieving a peaceful settlement" of the conflict in the East of the country, but in fact give birth to the negotiation process to a standstill, said in an interview with RIA Novosti a special representative of Russia in the Contact group on settling the situation in Ukraine Azamat kulmuhametov.

According to the special representative of the Russian Federation, the situation with the implementation of the Minsk package of measures puts the political leadership of Ukraine in the situation of "zugzwang": on the one hand, Kiev wants to abandon Minsk, and with another - understands that to do this does not.

"As a result of Kiev creates a semblance of "focusing on achieving a peaceful settlement": an increase in the level of representation in the Minsk talks, constantly declares its readiness to operate in the mode of "24/7", enters into the composition of the delegation of "their" representatives ORDO, but on the contrary, strongly leads the negotiation process to a standstill," commented kulmuhametov.

He expressed the hope that in Kiev "still realized the futility of betting on changes in the geopolitical environment in their favor and begin, finally, to the faithful implementation of "Complex measures," in their totality and consistency".

"The continued situation of "no war, no peace" does not serve the best interests of the people of Ukraine, including the Donbass or Russian interests, consistently advocating for the restoration of normal neighborly relations with this country", - said the Agency interlocutor.

As reported earlier, the Russian presidential envoy in the contact group in Minsk, Boris Gryzlov, earlier in June, Deputy head of the delegation of Ukraine in the contact group Alexander Merezhko said that the Minsk package of measures is a recommendation and does not impose on Ukraine a "no obligation".