Center Gamalei called the timing of the receipt of the vaccine from COVID-19 in turnover

In Institute Gamalei hope that a vaccine for the coronavirus will go into circulation on 14 and 15 August, reported RIA Novosti Director of the centre of epidemiology and Microbiology them. Gamalei Alexander Ginzburg.

"Well, that's where number to 14-15 August, respectively, I hope, will go into circulation the small amount of vaccine that will be able to turn out," said Ginzburg.

According to him, by mid-August will be fully completed phase II trials, circulation will be permitted on terms that are in fact the third phase. He said that in the process of using the vaccine in public circulation in parallel will be monitored. If people have some side effects, the Ministry of health has the right to revoke the authorization added Gunzburg.

Formerly Director of the Institute of pharmacy and translational medicine sechenovskiy University Vadim Tarasov said that the vaccine COVID-19 created artificially and does not contain parts of the coronavirus.

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