The "Golden judge" Hahaleva ahead of schedule deprived of powers, media reported

Higher qualification Collegium of judges prematurely deprived of the powers of the infamous Kuban judge Helen Hahaleva, said "the Fifth channel" with reference to the decision authority.

Hahaleva did not come to the meeting, citing "very heavy" condition.

In 2017, the judge was in the center of the scandal, when in the Internet appeared the video with a chic wedding of her daughter Sophia, which was made by Nikolai Baskov, Vera Brezhneva and Valery Meladze and other well-known artists. In mass-media there were messages that the wedding could cost two million dollars.

She Hahaleva said that the organization of the celebration was held on father daughter – a big businessman Robert Hachalav. He argued that his daughter's wedding cost him the amount of peat million rubles, and Pavliashvili and Meladze, as his friends participated in the celebration for a guests.