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Chernyshenko spoke about improving the situation of access to online services

About 95% of socially important services to the citizens of Russia should be available online by 2030, Internet penetration in General has to reach 97%, stated Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko.

"By 2030, in order to ensure full penetration all the benefits and opportunities of digitalization, it is necessary that 95% of all socially significant services for citizens were available online. This, of course, need to have almost all the population of our country was provided with broadband Internet access. We proposed indicator 97% of households that will be connected to the Internet," said Chernyshenko, speaking at a meeting of the presidential Council of the Russian Federation for strategic development and national projects.

In addition, the Vice Prime Minister noted that the government continued to support the Russian developers of software solutions and plans to increase the volume of investments in the domestic IT solutions by 2030 in 4 times.

In addition, will continue to support the various domestic companies developing solutions in the field of artificial intelligence. "Now the great focus and great importance is attached to practical implementation of artificial intelligence in the real sector of the economy, and that is very important, given clientcentered our objectives in the social sphere", - said Chernyshenko.

According to the Vice Prime Minister, key sectors of the economy by 2030 should reach its digital maturity.