Rosturizm and Recongress launched a joint online project

Fund Recongress in partnership with the Federal Agency for tourism and Association "National priorities" organized a special series of materials on tourism opportunities of Russian regions, the press service of the Federal tourism Agency.

The project envisages thematic reviews, presentations and interviews with the participation of official representatives of the republics, territories, regions and cities, local bloggers and thought leaders that will acquaint Russians with the benefits of recreation in the country.

The Federal tourism Agency said that before the end of summer 2020 on electronic resources Fund Recongress will be released over the seven cycles of information for tourists. Viewers will see blogs, useful articles and advice about holidays in different parts of the country: on lake Baikal, in the Republic of Khakassia, Altai, Krasnodar Krai, Kaliningrad, Sochi, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Vladivostok.

The Minister Zarina doguzova expressed regret that the Russians do not know much about their country, the unique places, nature, culture, traditions and even gastronomy, which is different in each region.

"In the whole world of possibilities for all travelers: it is possible to discover a new sea, in addition to resorts on the black sea coast – for example, the Baltic, cosmic landscapes in the Altai, to make a real journey through time, visiting the old believers' village in Buryatia, to see absolutely unique monuments of culture of the Russian North in Karelia and Arkhangelsk region, boost your amazing energy of lake Baikal, admire the blooming Lotus fields in the Volga Delta in the Astrakhan region," she said.

"I hope our new project with Recongress will inspire tourists to travel across Russia, Recalling that great – a lot closer than it seems", commented on the launch of a new project doguzova.