Tourists are told what the in-flight service prefer

Most travelers prefer to get the flight they served women: stewardesses like 68 percent and the stewards only 32 percent, according to a survey OneTwoTrip.

In the survey of service participated 2632 person.

It turned out that the pre-flight briefing every time, carefully look only two-thirds of travelers, or 67 percent. The rest do not pay attention to this part of the work of flight attendants.

The majority of respondents (74 percent), loyal to the requests Board staff (for example, to raise the chair or open the shutter of the window) or to the fact that the stewards awaken all before landing. However, every fourth passenger is discomfort.

Nearly half of travellers, flight attendants at least once walked toward helping to fulfill the wishes of, for example, to change seats in the cabin. And 17 percent experienced in-flight emergencies, for example, when the stewards provided medical assistance to passengers.