The tourist was unable to sue the tour operator the money for the cancelled vacation

The tourist failed to sue the tour operator 320 thousand rubles for the cancelled because of the pandemic coronavirus ticket, according to Tourdom.

Traveller from Ulyanovsk had planned to rest in the Czech Republic and Switzerland from 28 March to first of April. After the government suspended international message, the client proposed to postpone the tour for the future. But he refused and sued the tour operator in court, where he demanded from the company of 320 thousand rubles. This amount is three times higher than the cost of the tour package – 106 thousand rubles.

The court denied the consumer because the tour operator could not provide its services in connection with force majeure, which is not stopped until now.

Earlier in similar cases the decision was made in favor of the consumer. So, in early July, the court ordered the operator to pay the client half a million rubles for nesostoyavsheesya tour to Turkey. The requested amount is three times the cost of the trip.