The head of the Amur region was awarded a student for saving drowning men

The Governor of the Amur region was awarded with breastplate "Hot heart" for the rescue of drowning 20-year-old student Alena Komarova, the girl last summer, rescued a drowning man, who came to fish on the pond in Annunciation Park "Friendship", according to the government of the Amur region.

A student of the Amur state University, which plans to obtain a bachelor's degree, graduate from a master's degree in "Missile systems and space" and to link their lives with the Vostochny space centre, last summer worked as a seller of ice cream in the Park "Friendship".

In the Park often meet the fishermen, that summer day, as Alain says, it all started spontaneously.

"... It turned out that in the middle of the pond a grown man - one of the fishermen. First thought he was drunk and decided to swim. However, he called for help, and periodically head went under water... I ran to shore and swam in his direction. Skills rescue of drowning was not grabbed by what he saw - the hand and pulled to the shore", - quotes the words of the student government of the region.

Description the squad MOE had a fisherman first aid, the man was taken to the hospital, Alena changed into the dry clothes she had brought a friend, and continued to work.

The project "warm heart" is realized in Russia since November 2013, his goal is to celebrate the caring people up to 23 years, selflessly came to the aid of others or have overcome difficult situations in life.