Golikova spoke about the support of schools

A number of additional activities of the project to help schools that have difficulty with substantive and methodological training, to be launched in 2020, it is especially important for distance learning in isolation, said the Vice-Premier of the Russian Federation Tatyana Golikova.

"This year we will launch several new activities of the so-called project 500 , which, in turn, aimed at the implementation of the targeted assistance to schools that are having problems with substantive and methodological training, which is especially important in the context of working with children that had mostly be on distance education and in isolation and may encounter problems in the development of school curricula in the future", - Golikova said at a meeting on national projects.

Golikova noted that it is important to help both teachers and pupils as comfortable as possible from 1 September to enter into the educational process. Vice Prime Minister also noted that the situation with coronavirus showed the importance of e-learning in distance format. This component of the national project "Education" it is planned to strengthen.

In particular, since the autumn of this year bude conducted an experiment and tested a single digital educational environment.

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