Stephen king sold the film rights to three novels three dollars

The media learned, American writer Stephen king sold the film rights to three novels from the book "If it bleeds," published in April of this year. The cost of each was only a dollar, reports Deadline.

So, based on the works of "Mr. Harrigan's phone" (Telephone with Mr. Harrigan") about the friendship of a boy with the late neighbor project will be created for the platform Netflix. The event will be Ryan Murphy ("American horror story", "Glee"), and Director John Lee Hancock ("the blind side").

According to Deadline, the film rights of the story "Rat" ("Rat") on the writer, who signed a terrible deal with the rat, acquired Ben Stiller. He will be directing the project, and will also perform a major role in it.

The short story "The life of Chuck" ("Chuck's Life") about a young man with a brain tumor will be engaged to Darren Aronofsky ("Black Swan", "Reviem for a dream").

The fourth and last piece, "Let it bleed" ("Let him bleed") from the collection of the king on the girl is clairvoyant, which is taken for the investigation of the explosion at the school until free. But according to Deadline, the rights to it plans to acquire to television network HBO.

Other details about these projects, including the release date, as yet unknown. But they are expected to be released in the near future.