Again the Libyan NOC has declared force majeure on oil exports

The Libyan national oil company (NOC) again declares force majeure on oil supplies due to the blockade of exports, according to a release from the company.

"The Libyan national oil company (NOC) ... condemns the renewed blockade on the export of Libyan oil... NOC is forced to declare force majeure on all oil exports from Libya," - said in a release.

Company on 10 July took the mode of force majeure with all the ports for oil export. The first vessel that had loaded oil, was the tanker Kriti Bastion at the port of Es Sider. However already on July 11, armed forces of the Khalifa the Haftarot ordered a halt to further exports, the company said.

Were also stopped production on the oil field of Amal company Harouge Oil Operations, sources told Bloomberg.

Most oil fields and ports in Libya have been closed since January due to blocking of the oil facilities. In the country, the confrontation between the national consensus government (NTC) Fayeza Zarraga, which controls Tripoli and areas to the West of the country and supported by Turkey and the Libyan national army under the command of Khalifa the Haftarot, political supported by Egypt.