In the Luhansk region continues to extinguish a forest fire

Rescuers continue to extinguish a forest fire in Luhansk region of Ukraine, no open flame, there is a separate foci decay of litter and wood, reported on Monday the press service of the civil service of the country for emergency situations.

The fire on the territory of two forestry units in Novoaydarsky district of Lugansk region occurred on 6 July. The next day, rescuers managed to localize it on the area of 85 hectares. However, due to wind gusts, there were several new lesions, the residents of the two villages began to evacuate. The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky held an emergency meeting, during which ordered to use additional resources to extinguish fires. According to the state service for emergency situations, as a result of the fire five people were killed and 34 people were hospitalized. Rescuers on 9 July the fire under control.

"As of 7.00 (same as GMT) 13 July 2020 open fire no observed decay of separate foci of litter and wood," - stated in the message.

Just to eliminate the fire involved 714 people and 160 vehicles. On the fire place deployed operational headquarters, the point of life support, and the operational group of the state service for emergency situations.