Media: in Mali, 11 people died in the protests

Eleven people died, 124 were injured in the clashes at the protests against the current government, which took place in the capital, Bamako, at the end of last week, the newspaper reports Nord Sud Journal, citing a source in the hospital.

On Saturday, President of the West African state of Mali Ibrahim Boubacar Keita announced the dissolution of the constitutional court in an attempt to appease major civil unrest. The court was at the center of dispute for several months, as he canceled the preliminary results of the parliamentary elections, prompting protests in several cities.

"The hospital Gabriel Touré stated the death of seven men in the Fifth district died and three in the sixth one," - said the publication source in the hospital.

A hospital spokesman confirmed to AFP that information, adding that the counting was conducted from Friday until Sunday noon.

Earlier, Prime Minister of Mali cissé boubou has promised to create an open government that will solve the pressing problems of the Malian society. He said the four victims, radio station RFI reported about 70 victims.

On Thursday, opponents of the President of Mali Ibrahim Boubacar Keita a, calls for his resignation, captured state television in the capital, Bamako, the channel broke broadcasting. The protesters who show up at the rally urged opposition coalition "Movement of the fifth of June," also tried to take two large bridges. During the rallies saw clashes with police, who used tear gas against protesters. Subsequently, several oppositionists reportedly detained by militiamen.

Mali is experiencing a period of tension after the legislative elections in March last year.