Who recorded the highest number of people infected with coronavirus in the world

For the last day in the world registered a record 230 370 cases of infection with coronavirus, said the world health organization.

Died 5285 patients with COVID-19. Thus, during the time of the pandemic in the world, found 12 552 765 cases and recorded 561 617 lethal outcomes.

Most infections registered in North and South America — 6 540 222 and Europe — 2 654 907.

The previous record was recorded on 10 July. Then, according to the report, a day revealed more than 228 thousand infections.

According to the latest Johns Hopkins University, which summarizes the data of the Federal and local authorities, as well as media and other open sources, the coronavirus has infected 12 720 028 people, the number of deaths is 565 178.

The number recovered from COVID-19, according to the University, the world reached 7 005 452.

Sechenovskiy University has successfully completed testing the world's first vaccine against the coronavirus on volunteers, said earlier RIA Novosti Director of the Institute for translational medicine and biotechnology, University of Vadim Tarasov.

A clinical trial was conducted from June 18. The vaccine itself was developed by the specialists of the National research centre of epidemiology and Microbiology named after N. F. Gamalei.

Further plan the development of a vaccine is determined by the strategy of the developer, including the complexity of the epidemiological situation and scale of production.

The Chinese authorities on 31 December 2019, informed the world health organization about the outbreak of an unknown pneumonia in Wuhan in the Central part of the country (Hubei province). Experts have established that the causative agent is a new coronavirus, later on infection has received the official name COVID-19.

March 11, the who declared the outbreak of novel coronavirus infection pandemic. In Russia to date, COVID-19 during the spread of the disease diagnosed 727 162 people, of whom 11 died 335, 501 061 recovered. In total, the country spent more than 23 million tests.

Relevant data on the situation of COVID-19 in Russia and the world presented on the portal stopmanager.of the Russian Federation.