SP has tested the performance of the budget by Rosprirodnadzor and Rosgidromet

The accounts chamber of the Russian Federation following the results of check of execution in 2019, the budget in the sphere of nature management and environmental monitoring revealed a number of violations, is spoken in the message of Department.

Thus, the Roshydromet inefficiently used 1,2 million roubles, having directed them on legal fees, despite the fact that legal support of activities in the service Department deals with records management, legal support and personnel. In addition, to obtain these legal services, Roshydromet for a short time had 10 of the same purchases from a single supplier. According to the facts the chamber has prepared a letter to the FAS.

In terms of Rosprirodnadzor noted that the Agency has spent 142 million rubles for the modernization of the unified state information system of accounting of waste from the use of goods without making any changes to the rules of its creation. This creates a risk that the results of work performed will not correspond to requirements of normative documents.

The Department also indicates that the Hydromet because of the reduction of budgetary allocations for the purchase of equipment and understaffed state has not reached in 2019 planned values for three of the 22 indicators of the state program "environmental Protection".

Rosprirodnadzor, in turn, could bring to the planned target revenues for environmental fees. "As in previous years, revenues from the environmental charge has not exceeded 3 billion rubles. In 2019 they did in the amount of 2.47 billion rubles. We see a shortfall of 12%. The environmental collection is one of the main sources of funding now implemented the reform of municipal solid waste management", - said the auditor.

According to audit chamber, the reasons for this "chronic" underperformance plan for this type of income associated with deficiencies of the information system of accounting of waste from the use of goods. It is not a complete list of those organizations which should act as the payer of the environmental charge.