Vucic has called the protests in Serbia is meaningless

In protest to the national Assembly (Parliament) of Serbia in Belgrade on Sunday involved less than 500 people, said the evening President Aleksandar Vucic, calling these meetings are meaningless.

In Belgrade and other cities of Serbia from 7 July evening held mass protests against government policies against the background of restrictive measures because of COVID-19. The action on Sunday was the smallest.

"Don't need meaningless meeting tonight and there's 500 people, which means the infection is less, last night (Sunday) there were about one thousand," said Vucic in the channel Pink.

"This number was never large, maximum 4.1 thousand people, but when you multiply by 10 or 12, that means 50 thousand navsarjan. If we can behave responsibly, you will win the coronavirus," - said the head of state.

In the afternoon, Deputy mayor of Belgrade Goran Vesic announced that the police found during the searches of protesters in front of the legislative Assembly prepared Molotov cocktails and masks, and in containers on the street - stones.

He also said that the damage to the Serbian capital from the violent protests in the city center, until July 9 was one million euros, counting losses continues. According to the interior Ministry, during the riots of Friday to Saturday injured 14 police officers (from the beginning of the protests - 130) arrested 71 people. From Saturday to Sunday, the protest passed almost peacefully, with the arrest of a few aggressive protesters at the end.

Meeting participants in front of the Assembly of Serbia require, in particular, the resignation of President Aleksandar Vucic and protest against plans of the authorities to toughen measures against the spread of coronavirus. The protests have no single organizer or a clear plan of action. Among the participants in different days were observed by representatives of the Serbian opposition, but the protesters mainly react negatively to their appearance in their ranks. So, the ex-mayor of Belgrade Dragan Djilas and actor Sergei Trifunovic under attack, and former President Boris tadić insulted.