In the Belgorod region has opened a Museum about the heroism of the workers in the rear

The Museum "Battle weapons of the great Victory", which displays more than 2.5 thousand exhibits, was opened on Prokhorovka in Belgorod region, said on Sunday the press service of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation.

On the anniversary of the battle of Prokhorovka - the largest tank battles of the great Patriotic war, which is celebrated on 12 July, the Minister of culture of the Russian Federation Olga Lyubimova took part in the opening ceremony of the new Museum.

"The Museum has managed to do a great job. The organizers have visited more than 30 industrial enterprises in the Urals and in the Volga region, in Kazan, Moscow, Tula and Novosibirsk, where he collected the real stories about life in the factories during the war and more than 2.5 thousand exhibits," the press service quoted Lyubimov.

The Museum "Battle weapons of the great Victory" dedicated to the heroism of workers on the home front in the great Patriotic war. In the exposition of the Museum includes relics belonging to the designers, engineers, and geologists, work, and personal belongings of the famous aircraft designer Sergei Ilyushin, Alexander Yakovlev and Andrei Tupolev.

"The Museum opened here with Prohorovsky field, where he was one of the greatest battles not only the great Patriotic war and the Second world war, and indeed in the history of mankind. It is very gratifying that we are now unable to honour the memory of those who forged the weapons for this Victory, built roads, treated the wounded. A Museum of labor and feat of human lives", - said the representative of the RF President in the Central Federal district Igor Shchegolev, who has led the Agency.

Also Lyubimov in the framework of the opening ceremony gave the Museum staff and builders thank you letter "For quality and timely execution of works on creation of the Museum, dedicated to the feat of the Soviet people in the struggle against fascism".