Anita Tsoy has told about the most terrible manifestation of coronavirus

Singer Anita Tsoy in an interview with "Moskovsky Komsomolets" said that was for her the most terrible manifestation of coronavirus infection.

According to the artist, the virus attacks all the systems in turn.

At first she had a fever, and the body began to ache. Then came the mental problems.

"The brain is split and you can't think straight. Suddenly a psychological attack on a person," explained Choi.

She noted that at some moment lost in time and space. According to Choi, she didn't know where and what medicines should drink exactly how they need to take. As admitted the singer, if she was not taken to the hospital and placed under the supervision of specialists, it would have failed.

According to her, the coronavirus has on the emotions, psyche is upset. Choi also said that at some point she could not breathe without an oxygen mask, and she suddenly began to feel claustrophobic.

"And our Department on the sixth floor was. I opened all the Windows," said the singer. Choi admitted that she was unbearably hard to breathe and immediately wanted to be on the street. After that she became "really scared" to go to the window.

"I closed the Windows back, sitting wet as a field mouse, sweating," recalls the singer.

The next day she told me about your condition to your doctor and asked if she needed help of a psychologist.

According to singer, the virus behaves treacherously, "he's going to investigate", making first a cough and then "off" smell and taste.

"I don't know what you will shoot tomorrow," she concluded.

Press Secretary of the singer Anna Kruzel reported hospitalization of the actress on 30 June. According to her, Choi comply with self-isolation and every precaution, however, it is difficult to say exactly how she was exposed to the coronavirus. Recently, the singer told us that she was able to overcome the disease.

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