Who mission will evaluate the situation with coronavirus in Turkmenistan

The mission of the world health organization (who) in Turkmenistan at the invitation of the Turkmen government, will assess the situation COVID-19 in the country in the coming Wednesday, reports the Sunday of the Turkmen news website Orient.

"It is expected that the results of the who mission in Turkmenistan will be announced on Wednesday, July 15, during a briefing," - said in the message.

According to the website, the mission of the who have visited health facilities in the region Lebap and Ashgabat, visited the checkpoint at Farap (border with Uzbekistan) and Imamnazar (on the border with Afghanistan).

On Monday, the who mission will travel to the Western region of the country – the Balkan velayat (region), where, in addition to medical institutions, to visit a checkpoint in the international seaport of Turkmenbashi (former Krasnovodsk).

"On the ORIENT, who experts, I appreciate the timeliness and quality of the preventive measures, as well as Turkmenistan's readiness to continue to confront global challenges and threats, which pose a threat of infection quickly spread around the world, including in neighboring countries-neighbors", - underlined in the message of the site.

The delegation who arrived in Turkmenistan with a 10-day visit on Monday. Earlier, the authorities of Turkmenistan announced that the country has not recorded cases of coronavirus, a new type. However, the Ministry of health and medical industry of Turkmenistan ordered the employees of enterprises, organizations and institutions, regardless of ownership, to comply with measures to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. The measures include the wearing of medical masks, gloves, regular hand disinfection, transport and premises.

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