Chilled eyes on the case Safronova

Feature heated discussions of detention IV. IV. Safronov is that in his defence put forward such arguments, which arguments are not. Neither for nor against.

For example, the statement "I have dealt with Safronov, he is a wonderful man and a true patriot" only means that Safronov in the course of communication with the surety proved from the best side and gave no reason to suspect myself of cheating. That is, like standartenfuhrer Stirlitz, he had the most positive characteristics about him spoke well comrades at work and at the same time he did not allow himself to careless mistakes like "Stirlitz walked through the streets of Berlin, and nothing betrayed a Russian spy: no behind radio, no parachute trailing behind".

I will say the film about Stirlitz — no more than a fairy tale, jokes about Stirlitz can not be taken into consideration. So be it. But the journalist Richard Sorge is no fairy — tale hero. Meanwhile, on the initiative of Eugen Ott, the German Ambassador in Tokyo, Sorge, which he certainly was trusted, was appointed press Secretary of the Embassy, and when the Japanese intelligence service arrested the journalist, the Ott was in shock. Kim Philby was also the best features. And the watchmaker of Scapa Flow, the Kriegsmarine disclosed the scheme of passage to the base of the British Navy, had the reputation of being a good grandfather, a beloved local children.

This does not mean that a good reputation is not important. But in the situation when — by assumption — the person is misrepresenting himself, who is actually, for openly not a spy, a good reputation can be a means to deceive the trust. And cheat counter-intelligence. The solution of the question, Safronov a traitor or not a traitor, his positive characteristics do not help.

Moreover. For intelligence, ceteris paribus the more valuable is an agent, who are less likely to think. Of course, difficult to recruit someone who is not particularly greedy for money, not subject to passion for the game or sexual desire, has no accounts with the government, not an adventurer by nature. But nobody says that the bread in the security services simple. Recruitment is an art, and very sophisticate.

Was there a recruitment and if there was than it ended, we don't know. And we cannot vouch the head for what she was, not for what it was not. As for the result.

Speaking on General issues, especially the need to avoid unfounded presumptions.

Is there a foreign espionage against Russia? And where will he go? "This can't be, because there can never be" — argument is not convincing for all.

Our foreign partners don't want to be blind and deaf in relation to military-political activity of Russia. As well as Russia in relation to the activity of our partners. But the tool is not to be blind and deaf one — espionage.

Perhaps in the case Safronova espionage was not, and spied someone else entirely, unknown to us. But to dismiss the move this option is not reasoning, and ideology.

To equate the statement that nothing is clear, and hope that will be clearer to the position of "Authorities will understand" and "we Have not put in vain" — another example of a false presumption. There's no universal rule that strictly working bodies. Sometimes wonder put, it would be foolish to deny it. But similarly, it would be foolish to deny that sometimes knowingly planted, and immediately understand what kind applies to an incident Safronova, impossible. Unless, of course, not be guided by the all-conquering doctrine that ahead of time gives answers to all the questions.

Partly, of course, there's the abuse affect modern law enforcement system. By the logic that if N. were unjustly arrested, it means that X., Y. and Z. also arrested unjustly, of abuse in the case of N. give to future unconditional absolution all the other letters of the alphabet.

But in the case of espionage, as well, however, as with all political crimes, once provided by the 58th article of the criminal code of the RSFSR, but with espionage — in particular, there is also a legacy of the days for which you have to thank directly of the father and of the genius, navakausko of knots even to this day.

Generally speaking, to believe that in 30 years no cases of actual espionage, that is, in the pre-war era, openly hostile States (Japan, Germany, England, Poland etc.) were not concerned about wyzywieniem military secrets to a potential enemy, is a very daring assumption. Probably, Japan etc. even in those years imbued with new political thinking, which, however, did not rule out military preparations, and even direct clashes.

But I spy, in which bodies were exposed to the countless agents of foreign intelligence, and sometimes in such places and in such positions (or even without them) that it is difficult to understand that they are there in distant villages could Caspionet, has learned plans for the construction of the village of bath? — really was. Maybe the time was such and generally "beat the magpie and the crow — will achieve up to a white Swan", but magpies and crows were so many that the phrase "Japanese spy" in the offspring has acquired a clearly ironic tone. Hinting at a state of paranoia when a spy is ready to see and in a completely private person, and is not able to learn the secrets, even if he really wanted to.

And as the consequences of this actually took place of paranoia — a refusal even to acknowledge the existence of spies. And in 30 years, and especially today. Was 20 years of child women pedologue, sought in the upbringing of his son to save him from belief in miracles and superstition, and heavily succeeded in this. In the study of the natural history of the child she said: "sharks do not happen."

Chilled, that is, servile — from the standpoint of a progressive public opinion on the issue is that Abusus non tollit usum — "Abuse does not exclude consumption". Offences on behalf of the state is reprehensible, but nevertheless sharks and spies may be and the need for counterintelligence remains. Consumption law is not excluded. Despite the fact that, of course, we need to understand and clarify unclear moments. Ahead of time to make a judgment about the guilt Safronova not possible.

But for some reason it chilled the mood for hot supporters of the former journalist — like a sharp knife in the heart. It looks like they do not tolerate kladeneca.