In the Sudan allowed the use of alcohol not Muslim

The Sudanese authorities will be allowed to consume alcoholic beverages to all but the citizens professing Islam, said Minister of justice Nasreddin Abdelbari in an interview "the Sudan".

"The answer is "Yes" if the citizen does not profess Islam," said Abdelbari, answering the question about possible simplification of prohibition in the country.

The Minister also noted that the government has adopted a series of laws aimed at the democratization of the country and equality. Including corrections related to the imposition of the death penalty. Now, capital punishment is envisaged only for the most serious crimes.

Speaking about the rights of women, the Sudanese authorities canceled them mandatory permission from the men in the family on overseas trips.

In April, 2019 in the Sudan there was a military coup, called the people's protests against the background of deep economic crisis and declining living standards. Who ruled for 30 years, President Omar al-Bashir were removed from power and later imprisoned.

At the end of August 2019, the head of the transitional military Council of the Sudan Abdel Fattah al-Burhan was sworn in as head of the Sovereign Council of the country. The new Prime Minister of the Sudan Abdullah Hamdok was sworn in on August 21 of 2019. Military and civilian authorities agreed on the transition of the large-scale political and economic reforms.