Chinese blogger named six of the most amazing Russian products

User Chinese edition Sohu in his column told about six unusual products and dishes from Russia, which surprised him the most.

According to him, for "warlike people" is common dumplings with strawberries — berries are just wrapped in dough and then boiled. He noted that a dish looks appetizing, but, according to the blogger, strawberries can be eaten fresh. In addition, the dumplings are prepared not only with strawberries, but other berries, such as raspberries, cherries or rose hips. Another amazing blogger for the dish was rice porridge with strawberries — the recipe included not only cereal and berries, but also butter and cheese. Also in porridge on request, you can add sugar or chocolate spread — so it will be sweet and sour.

Also blogger was surprised by the salty bacon — he even wondered why fat do need to add salt when you can just fry. He noted that in Russia the bacon is rubbed with a mixture of crushed garlic and salt, and then it goes in the fridge for three to four days.

"After that the fat will just cut thin slices and can be eaten. Saying it's the best appetizer to alcohol," — said the blogger.

Another traditional Russian dish is the author of the publication called herring under a fur coat — it, according to him, is eaten in almost every family. However, the author does not understand what this dish is so attractive to men, herring has a strange smell, and this fatty fish combine with sweet boiled beets.

The author also recalled the love of Russians to the potatoes, which is the main ingredient of many dishes. But his attention was not the root, and cakes "Potato." Blogger they was more like candy. The author noted that in cakes there is no potato — just for consistency, they resemble mashed potatoes. The taste is cloyingly sweet chocolate, so much to eat will not work, warned the blogger.

Another sweetness that surprised him, was the chocolate bar — it tastes just as sweet as candy "Potatoes", but in form they differ. The blogger noted that "candy "Potatoes" are soft, and the chocolate "Alenka" solid".

"Actually, the taste does not matter here", — says the author.

He was surprised that on the wrapper shows a girl. In his opinion, she looks cute, but if you look at her "gaze" that "gets a little scary."