The government of Iran should work to the end of the term, said Khamenei

The government of Iran should work to the end of his term, said Iran's Supreme leader Ali Khamenei at the time, as an Executive headed by the President are subjected to constant criticism from deputies.

"Firmly convinced that governments need to perform their duties until the end (period, – ed.)," said Khamenei, deputies started to work in late may, the Iranian Parliament composed of opponents of the policies of President Hassan Rouhani.

According to Iran's Supreme leader, legislature and Executive authorities should work so that the country was not damaged.

The government of Rouhani in recent weeks, subjected to harsh criticism from the Iranian Parliament. In particular, deputies dissatisfied with the sharp fall of the Rial, the lack of foreign exchange, the situation in the housing sector and other issues related to the economic activity of the country. Pressure on the government is over and the work on foreign policy direction, including on the nuclear deal.

In this regard, over the past few weeks to the Parliament for reporting called a number of Ministers, including foreign Affairs, energy, oil and several others. In addition, the deputies have prepared a petition demanding that Rouhani to report to Parliament.