Criticized Rudkovskaya after the situation with Dakota

Yana Rudkovskaya published in the instagram post, which reminded of the draw of luxury handbags. However, many users criticized the producer after she humiliated the singer Rita Dakota, which was among the organizers of this contest.

"It will be silent and continue to expose the hypocritical picture? Comment on the situation with the French brand," wrote johnwinchester13.

"We wait for the public apology to Rita we Rita", — joined the discussion aima_di2010.

"After the situation with Rita, I think a is definitely not expect", — said mother.of.flower.

"VIP Breakfast, a VIP person. Not for mere mortals," wrote @zaika1903.

"Your breakfasts are amazing as you own Yanochka. But the fact that you are so ugly cost with Rita, did not expect from you. You are always in my eyes been the standard of femininity, but is now upset. But I still love you. My advice is to apologize to Rita, it will be wiser" — sure juliasklan.

"After the story of Rita Dakota, all of these breakfasts look absurd," said lotoskne.

Earlier, the singer of the hits "Flying whales", "Armageddon" and "the Match" published in the social network post, which said that she was invited to conduct the draw of handbags from the famous brand. This would have to be photographed with prizes, but they were taken away to other bloggers, is also involved in the competition. The organizer asked the singer to do a photo shoot with similar bags in the boutique, which, in the end, there was a scandal.

According to the singer, after this conversation with Rudkovskaya she even cried. Then Dakota said that of all the participating bloggers, the post was asked to remove just her, "what do you personally and the brand has noticed in me, especially the "terrible and germanskogo"?".

The singer urged subscribers not to chase the brands: "You are worse than rich Rudkovskaya, if you are poor. You are worse than those who have these bags if you have them and never will be."

Rita Dakota said that two bags from this brand, which she once gave wealthy friends, after Rudkovskaya, now calling it "disgust". The singer sent them to the orphanage in Mordovia Republic.