More than 20 residents of the tundra was evacuated from the camp due to coronavirus

More than 20 residents of the tundra in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous district had to be evacuated from the camps in Observatory for isolation due to contacts with infected COVID-19, said the Deputy head of the region Tatyana Buchkova.

Information that the coronavirus reached the Yamal tundra, Buckova announced on Friday. She said that brought the infection to the tundra-dweller, who went to the village of Yar-sale to relatives, the family of which was later confirmed as coronavirus. Buckova emphasized that specialists are known to everyone with whom the man had contact in the tundra, with a confirmed positive test COVID-19 to that point, had only one contact.

"Within two days of the flight the aircraft was evacuated tundra of the two camps, which had contact with the infected. Just Observatory for mandatory isolation and under observation of doctors delivered 24 people", - quotes the district oberstab words Buckaway.

She noted that, according to preliminary estimates, all contact are in a satisfactory condition, and previously conducted research on coronavirus negative. It is planned that they will stay in the Observatory 14 days.

To Friday oberstab YANAO was not informed about the coronavirus among residents of the Yamal tundra, the infection was confirmed either in the settlements of the region, or shift workers, workers in the Autonomous region. On the Yamal Peninsula was about 8 thousand cases of infection with coronavirus infection, recovered 3 thousand people died 56. The compulsory isolation in the region extended to July 20, inclusive.

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