House in podtoplentsam floods the village in Khabarovsk region has left water

The water is gone from all the flooded houses and premises of a diesel power plant in the village of Upper Manama Khabarovsk region, which was flooded Wednesday due to sudden rise of river level, informs on Sunday regional Directorate of the MES of Russia.

In the Upper Manome Nanai district after heavy rains and rise of water in the river was flooded 16 houses, entire petrol station, 5 road sections. In the village entered emergency mode. In addition, in the village Kukan of Khabarovsk district river spill Urmi impounded 11 household plots and the area of the local roads cook – Dagordon.

"By Sunday in the village of Upper Manama all houses and premises petrol stations freed from water. She also still retained for 16 yards and 2 roads. Near the village of Kukan level on the river Urmi fell, the water is gone from all adjoining areas", - stated in the message.

It is noted that the water level in the rivers continues to fall. In the villages continue to work rescuers monitored the flood situation, podborovye the bypass, if necessary, provide assistance to the population. Employees of administrations of settlements assess the damage.