In Gorizbirkome of Poland said about the growth in the number of violations in the elections

The number of violations during the second round of presidential elections in Poland increased in comparison with the first round, said the head of the State electoral Commission of Poland Sylvester Marciniak reporters on Sunday.

Sunday in Poland passes the second round of presidential elections. For the presidency for the next five years fighting the incumbent President and candidate of the ruling party "law and justice, Andrzej Duda, the mayor of Warsaw, the candidate of the opposition "civic coalition Rafal Trzaskowski.

"We have not received information about significant problems during the opening of polling stations and commencement of voting. At the same time recorded an increase of incidents related to the elections," said Marciniak.

He said that as of 10.00 (11.00 GMT) recorded 253 incidents, while during the first round of elections two weeks ago, there were 167 at the same time.

The head of Gorizbirkome explained that we are talking about such violations as the illegal placement of campaign posters, the violation of the electoral silence, damage previously placed posters.

Polling stations closed at 21.00 (22.00 GMT).