Mishustin said about digital technologies in the work of "Mail of Russia"

The Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin congratulated the staff of "Mail of Russia" with their professional holiday, noting that the institution pays great attention to the use of digital technologies, the telegram published on the website of the Cabinet.

Mishustin said that this professional holiday is celebrated recently, but the postal business in Russia exists not one century. He stressed that at all times the postal service remained faithful to their traditions and noble mission – to send letters and telegrams, parcels and packages to different parts of the globe, remaining the most accessible means of communication.

"Today in the "Mail of Russia" noticeable changes occur. Great attention is paid to the use of modern digital technologies that enable people to receive high quality services without leaving home. Implemented services to support electronic trade and Commerce. Significant investments directed at the expansion of the logistics network and infrastructure modernization," - said Mishustin.

He added that the policy decision was the opening of a postal Bank that provides financial services to the public, including where other banks are not represented. The Prime Minister stressed that "Mail of Russia" performs a vital social function - delivers pensions and benefits to rural areas and remote towns provides the Essentials.

Mishustin also noted that in the "Mail of Russia" has always worked professionals, sincere and caring, are closely related to their duties, applied to the important task all the strength and experience.

"Dear friends! Despite the fact that we live in a digital age, mail will never lose its relevance. Your work is very important. After all, every day, delivering millions of letters, postcards, telegrams, you give each person with warm feelings, bright emotions, good mood", - concluded the Prime Minister.